Breaking the Chains Worldwide is a Community Advocacy Group that provides community events, emergency disaster relief events, food serves for urban communities, and creative youth mentoring and social justice events. But nothing is more rewarding than being of service to the youth. BTCW provides a variety of services for young adults 11 - 23, including creative mentoring, career Edu-Tainment, and life skills.  





We provide a variety of programs designed to enrich and empower the youth, and to teach them the very important skills they'll need to make critical life decisions in not just school, but everyday life and work. We work with professionals in a variety of fields.


BCGC provides a variety of services for the youth and the community, including mentoring, teen summits, and community relief and food serving events. We're committed to making the lives of youth better, by giving them a strong sense of their worth and helping them to understand their true value..

Give Back


There are thousands and thousands of community members in Atlanta, GA, Bronx, New York, Flint, Michigan, and Chicago, IL who need your help! Click the image to your right if you're interested in volunteering or donating to BCGC, and someone from our organization will contact you.. You'll be very glad you did!


Join an organization that's making a difference in the lives of the youth everyday as a mentor!

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Help Breaking the Chains fund the important work we're doing with the youth in the Urban Communities across America!